Our business intelligence
tools keep track of the
pulse of the film industry.

Real-time data visualization with historical trends as well as predictive analysis to help our clients stay on top of the industry. Clients include all major Hollywood studios as well as major production houses.
Some of our tools:
Showtimes Dashboard
A real time view on showtime distribution, demographic, and market specific conditions that optimizes your showtime scheduling.
At a glance:
Your movie, market by market
Showtimes and theater coverage
Comparison to other films
Access to competitor data
Release Planner
An intuitive calendar to plan the release of your movies in correlation to every past, present and future release up until 2025. Filter by genre, studio, and rating to strategically select your opening weekend and maximize your box office.
In a nutshell:
Intuitive calendar
Past and upcoming releases
Historic box office data and future predictions
Insight over how specific dates performed in the past